• Landing

    Almere, Haarlem

    Premiere of the nieuw production during Festival 2 Turven Hoog.

  • Potjesman/ France

    Festival 1.9.3. Soleil / France

    With Kajetan Uranitsch

  • Landing

    Den Haag/ Het Nationale Theater


  • Potjesman

    2 Turven Hoog Festival/ Almere

    Our Co-Producer 2 Turven Hoog invited "Potjesman" to perform on their 20 years anniversary festival.

  • Landing

    OCCII / Kinderpret Amsterdam

    Try Out van de nieuwe voorstelling

  • Landing

    Laaktheater Den Haag

    Try Outs

  • Potjesman

    Bibliotheek Muntpunt Brussel
  • Landing - Try Out

    Grand Theatre Groningen

    Try Out van onze nieuwe voorstelling op 21 en 22 februari.

  • Potjesman

    Leuven, Belgium

    Potjesman Sieger Baljon performs at the Festival in Piep!. Our first time in Belgium.

  • Potjesman

    Warsaw, Poland

    Potjesman Kajetan Urantisch plays at Take Part in Arts Festival in Poland.

  • Potjesman - Festival Premieres Rencontres


    This festival is organized every second year and there is also a two day forum were makers for the very young from all around the world meet, exchange and discuss.