• Coming soon: Inside Forest

    We are busy preparing our next performance: Binnenwoud (Inside forest). A performance about the hidden colors of the forest and the processes that make them visible.

  • Oort

    I am coaching a piece for babies made in Antwerpen produced by Isabel Voets, Astrid en Zoë Bossuyt and Theater de Spiegel.

  • Landing

    A musical piece for all senses, for anybody who has ever dropped something in amazement. Foto by Niels Knelis.

  • Jarman

    A performance for everyone that likes to open jars. For children from 1.5 – 4 years and their adults.

  • Wet!

    A solo Performance for children from 2-6 years in kindergartens and pre-schools about the sound of rain.

  • Starting Young

    Artists in early learning and childcare settings to stimulate the development of new work and connect young children with art experiences in their own environment.

  • Wild Hunt

    Scenografie for this performance that searches for the shamanic roots of dutch/western european folklore.